Oh, hey. We’re Huts. We design and build country escapes and backyard spaces in the city that will put a smile on your face.

Make Home Feel Like a Daily Vacation.

Where do you want to build your hut?

In the city

It’s tough to make your billion dollar dream come true from the kitchen table. All the co!ee shops are packed and haven’t you graduated past fighting for outlets? Co-working? More like “no working,” am I right? Time to step it up.

In the country

Outdoor space. Real connection with nature. It's very important. Maybe more than ever. If you're ready to escape the city for good or create a weekend getaway, we can help design and build the country place you're dreaming about.

How do you work?


We listen to the vision you have for how you’ll spend your time in your new  hut and the feeling you want when you’re there. You may not know all the details or all the building terminology – that’s where we come in. We use a structured process to bring together your vision, our experience, and the beautiful world of reference images to create a space you’ll love.


We get it.  This is where the horror stories start, right? Missed deadlines, budget over runs, communication breakdowns. Yeah, we’ve been there, too, which is why our top focus is to be clear, organized and totally transparent from start to finish of the build. Rapid timelines and beautiful detailing are table stakes for us, but headache-free construction? That’s what sets HUTS apart.


What’s great service really all about? Being able to track the progress. Smiles are nice and a friendly demeanor is necessary, but the most important thing is knowing how it’s coming along.  Our service heroes? Lyft, Amazon and Caviar. Is my ride close? Is my package almost here? How’s my dinner coming along? We’re like that, but you know, for huts.