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About Us.

HUTS is made up of a group of architects, designers, builders, user experience experts, project managers and overall nice people. We’re experts in rural architecture and clean, modern housing design. We think that architecture and construction is too hard and too wasteful. We're on a mission to make ground-up construction easier, more predictable, more sustainable and more beautiful.



Be a sherpa.

Even in the most streamlined process, there are tons of steps in the new home design and construction process. We can help guide you through it.


Fight blank page syndrome.

Designing a new home from scratch is seriously overwhelming. We want you to feel empowered throughout the process. We've developed ways for you to make only the most important decisions - we'll handle the small details.


Great builders matter.

Great designs are only as good as their execution. We spend a lot of time getting to know the best build teams in our markets, to make sure that what we design together looks as good once it's completed as it did on paper.


Touch the land lightly.

If you're looking to level the land and clear every tree with you new build, you're in the wrong place. We pride ourselves on listening to the landscape, fitting our designs to the context, and being good stewards of sustainable land use.


The math’s gotta work.

Look, this is an investment. A big one. We work with you to make sure the upfront and carrying costs make sense for your budget, and you're realizing positive equity quickly. And, if you're renting, we target your costs being completely offset, immediately.


[team]Wayne Congar

Wayne Congar

Co-founder & CEO

[team]Amanda Congar

Amanda Congar

Co-founder & COO

[team]David Kornmeyer, AIA

David Kornmeyer, AIA

Lead Architect

[team] Dimitri Brand, AIA

Dimitri Brand, AIA

Lead Architect

[team]Julian Gil

Julian Gil

Digital Product Lead

[team]William LaRuffa

William LaRuffa

Land Expert & Project Manager

[team]Victor Chavarro Perez

Victor Chavarro

Full-stack developer

[team] Social Media Strategists

Ingrid Acero

Full-stack developer


Let’s design a little place.

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