Life’s too short to not have a hut.

Why Huts?

In Brooklyn, no housing type is more sought after than the classic brownstone. By design, however, they’re standardized and the sameness of the buildings makes it difficult to either express your personal aesthetic or shape the space to your unique lifestyle. At the same time, nowhere is more valued than the personal backyard garden but, unfortunately, it’s so often under utilized and under considered. We started HUTS to help Brooklyn homeowners easily accomplish some things that have, traditionally, been really hard. Create a personalized, purpose-built space you’ll love. Increase home value and quality of life. Do both without excessive expense or construction timelines.

Who are you?

HUTS was founded by Wayne Congar, an architectural designer and entrepreneur. After receiving his Masters of Architecture from Columbia University, Wayne worked for Pritzker Prize winner Rem Koolhaas / OMA in Rotterdam and the renowned Bjarke Ingels / BIG in Copenhagen. He then founded a full-service creative agency – Mayday – to craft beautiful, branded experiences and products for start-ups and Fortune 500s like P&G, Google and The Olympics. After he designed and constructed his own hut in his own Brooklyn backyard, he’s thinks everyone needs a little space of their own.

How do you work?


We listen to the vision you have for how you’ll spend your time in your new  hut and the feeling you want when you’re there. You may not know all the details or all the building terminology – that’s where we come in. We use a structured process to bring together your vision, our experience, and the beautiful world of reference images to create a space you’ll love.


We get it.  This is where the horror stories start, right? Missed deadlines, budget over runs, communication breakdowns. Yeah, we’ve been there, too, which is why our top focus is to be clear, organized and totally transparent from start to finish of the build. Rapid timelines and beautiful detailing are table stakes for us, but headache-free construction? That’s what sets HUTS apart.


What’s great service really all about? Being able to track the progress. Smiles are nice and a friendly demeanor is necessary, but the most important thing is knowing how it’s coming along.  Our service heroes? Lyft, Amazon and Caviar. Is my ride close? Is my package almost here? How’s my dinner coming along? We’re like that, but you know, for huts.

What do you believe?

At HUTS, we’re designers, builders, parents, and Brooklyn homeowners. We run our operation guided by a few key beliefs.

Vacation Daily.

We’re just like you, trying to find balance in our really out-of-balance world. We’re working a little too much. We’re sleeping less than we should. We should drink more water, exercise more, and fold that laundry on the chair. But, with a hut, we can always walk out back, take a moment, and be present. Away from the city, away from work, away from home. 

Everything in its Place.

The thing about brownstone living is every space plays double duty. Your kitchen is sort of your living room. What was once the nursery is now your office. Just like you have a drawer for socks and a shelf for your checkbook, your life activities need a dedicated place. Assign an activity to your hut. Your art. Your passion project. Your play. Put it in a place of its own.

Express yourself.

Walk out your door and stand on the stoop. Look to the left. Look to the right. Both houses look pretty much identical to yours, right? That comes with the territory and what makes our blocks so charming. But, having a space that reflects your aesthetic matters and it’s hard and expensive to do it in your house. That’s less the case out back.

Increase value now.

As much as we love design and construction, we’re obsessed with real estate. We aim to deliver value and positive ROI on each of our projects. We’re not just creating a beautiful new space to improve your lifestyle, we’re also producing additional square footage that should increase your property value. Not value to be realized at some future date, but the minute your hut is completed. We treat your decision to build a hut like an investment, and want you to see the returns right away.